Remember the issue where after installing the October 2020 Patch ConfigMgr fails to download Microsoft 365 App files? Link to the issue here -

Great news! Microsoft has released the Configuration Manger 2006 Hotfix Rollup (KB4578605) -

This will resolve this issue without having the need to remove the October 2020 patch. As stated in the article linked above.

Let's go through the steps of installing the hotfix on the ConfigMgr Console.

Getting the Update to show on Update and Servicing

If you are not seeing the hotfix get listed

you may need to click on Check for Updates on the console

Downloading the Update

If you have not downloaded the update, Right click and select download

Click OK

Refresh the console. If the status of the update is Ready to Install, proceed to the next step

Installing the update

Right click on the update and select install update pack

Click Next >

Click Next >

Check I Accept the License Terms and Privacy Statement, Click Next > when done

Click Next >

Click Close

Monitoring the Update Status

Click on Show Status or go to Monitoring\Update and Servicing Status

Double Click on the Update, Click Refresh to have the status updated