[ConfigMgr] Update Windows ADK on ConfigMgr

Did you know, as you update ConfigMgr to the latest version, you would also need to keep your ADK version updated?

Here is the support matrix for it.

Note: this is accurate at the time of writing. For an updated information you can visit Microsoft site at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/plan-design/configs/support-for-windows-10

Finding what version is installed

Not sure what version of ADK is installed on your ConfigMgr machine?

Launch Programs and Features in Control Panel

  1. Open Control Panel

2. Select Category and change it to Large/Small icons depending on your preference

3. Open Programs and Features

4. Look for Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit - Windows 10 and check the version Number

5. In this case, my version is 10.1.17134.1

Based on information that can be found online, my server is installed with Windows ADK 1803

source : https://www.systemcenterdudes.com/windows-10-adk-version-history/

Based on the support matrix. It is still currently support. However today we will be going through the steps on how to upgrade to the latest available Windows ADK 2004

Preparing the Files

Starting with Windows ADK 1809, Windows PE is release separately from ADK, we will need to download 2 files instead of 1.

  1. Head over to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/get-started/adk-install to start downloading those files needed.

2. Click on both download links and download the files

3. Download the required files for Offline install. Launch adksetup.exe
Note: If your ConfigMgr Server is connected to the Internet, you can copy the files and run it directly on the server.

4. Select Download the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit - Windows 10 for installation on a separate computer and click Next
Note: Change the download path if you need.

5. Select No and click Next

6. Click Accept

7. Click Close when its completed, repeat the steps for adkwinpesetup.exe.
Note: Ensure that the Download path is the same, with a different folder name

8. Once both downloads are completed, copy the files over to the server for the next step

Removing current installed Windows ADK

  1. Open Program And Features, uninstall both
    - Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit - Windows 10
    - Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit Windows Pre-installation Environment add-ons - Windows 10

2. Click Yes

3. Click Close when completed

Installing Windows ADK

  1. Launch adksteup.exe in Windows Kits\10\ADK

2. Click Next

3. Select No and click Next

4. Click Accept

5. Check Deployment Tools and User State Migration Tool (USMT), Click Install

6. Click Close.

Repeat the same steps for adkwinpesetup.exe located at Windows Kits\10\ADKWinPEAddons with default options selected.

Updating Boot Images on ConfigMgr

  1. On ConfigMgr Console navigate to Software Library\Overview\Operating System\Boot Image

2. Right Click Boot Image (x64), Select Update Distribution Points

3. Check Reload this boot image with the current windows PE Version from the Windows ADK. Click Next >

4. Click Next >

5. Click Close when completed.

6. The OS Version should be updated to 10.0.19041.1

Note: Repeat steps for Boot Image (x86)