[Linux] Installing Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

Canonical, the developers of Ubuntu has recently release their latest version of their Ubuntu Server LTS which is 20.04. Today we are going to take a look at how to perform the installation on a VM. This can also be used for installing on a physical computer if required.

Note: The Server version of ubuntu does not have a GUI. If you prefer a GUI interface use the Ubuntu Desktop Version

Downloading the ISO file

You can download the Server ISO file here

Preparing the ISO file for boot

As I am using a VM, I will will attached the ISO directly to the VM.

To make a bootable USB Stick on Windows, you can refer to the guide here
For MacOS, you can refer to this guide here

If you perfer to burn the ISO file into a Disc you can do it too.

All done? Let's start installing Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS !

Installing Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

Do note that the installation process is keyboard based. Mouse input are not supported

1) Select "Install Ubuntu Server"

2) Select your prefered Language and press Enter

3) Change your Keyboard if need and press Done

4) Change the IP address if you prefer a static address, Press Done

5) If you are behind a proxy server key in the information and press Done

6) Leave defaults and press Done

7) Leave Defaults and press Done

8) Press Done to Continue

9) Press Continue

10) Enter your the required information, press Done when continue

11) Check Install OpenSSH Server to enable secure remote access to the server press Done when ready

12) Select any additional features if required then press Done

13) The installation will start, press reboot to complete the installation

Note: You can remove the ISO or USB/CD

That is it! You can start using the server once the reboot is done.