Are you running Windows 10 1903, 1909 and Windows Server Core Build 1903 and 1909? Not sure what you are running on? Not a problem! This article will guide you through what you need to check and what to do if you are affected by it. Let's start

How to check if you are affected?

1) Press Start

2) Type in "winver" and press Enter

3) If the highlighted portion is Version 1903 or Version 1909, you will need to do to the update

Check if your system is patched

1) Press Start and type in appwiz.cpl

2) Click on View Installed Updates

3) On the Search Bar type in "KB4551762" and press enter

4) If the results is empty, you will need to install the update.

How do I perform the update?

There are 2 ways you can do the patch.

Option 1

1) Press start and click on Settings

2) Click on Update & Security

3)Click Check for updates

4) Once it finds the update. It will automatically install the update by itself

Option 2

You can use this option for the following reason

a. to ensure that the patch is installed
b. you checked that you needed the patch but the automatic way is not showing that it needs the patch

1) Check your computer information

2) In the search bar type About

3) Click on About your PC, Take note of the System Type

4) Go to

5) Click on the Download Button for your correct Devices

6) Click on the blue link

7) Save the file , Click close for the previous window

8) In your downloads folder, double click on the file

9) Click Yes

10) Wait for the installation to complete

11) Save your files if you need to and restart the computer once the update installation is completed

Note: You need to restart for the changes to take effect.

After the restart you you should be able to see the Update listed in Program and Features