Got a new computer and need to download and install multiple applications? This will help you save time!

Meet Ninite! The software to help you download and install multiple programs at once!

Current available software that can be downloaded and installed by Ninite as of writing

The software list is updated once in awhile so check the site for and updated list

Let's go through the steps on how to start downloading the software and launching the application!

1) On your browser go to

2) Select the programs you want to download

3) Once you are ready scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Get Your Ninite"

4) Click Save File

5) Launch the download File

At this point the installer will automatically download and install the applications for you.

You can monitor the status of the installation on the next window

6) Once the installation is completed, Click Close

That is it!

Though Ninite may not cover all software that is required to be installed however it does really saves time by installing multiple software you require just by launching a single installer.

Note : you can relaunch the installer to update any outdated applications. The whole process is the same