[ConfigMgr] Updating Configmgr to 2006

Version 2006 has been release on 11 Aug 2020. Today we will be going through the steps to upgrade ConfigMgr/SCCM/MECM to 2006.

You can refer to the documentation available on Microsoft to see what new with this version - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/plan-design/changes/whats-new-in-version-2006

As the update was recently release and will be available over the next few weeks. It may not show up on the console.

To enable the update, you'll need to run a script which is available here - https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2099733

Running the script

1) Download the script and copy it to your ConfigMgr Server and run it

2) Click OK

3) Click OK to close the prompt

4) Run the Powershell Script

6) Enter your Site Server FQDN

7) Once done, the powershell window will automatically close. Launch ConfigMgr Console the 2006 Update should appear

Downloading the Update

1) On ConfigMgr Console go to Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing

2) Right Click on the Update and click on Download

3) Click OK.

Note: Open DmpDownloader.log to check the status

4) Refresh the console, Once the status of the updates has changed to ready for installed. Then we can proceed with the installation

Installing the Update

1) Right Click on the Update and select Install Update Pack

2)  Click Next >
Note: Since i am running the update on a Lab, i check Ignore any prerequisites check warning and install this update regardless of missing requirements - use this at your own risk for a production system

3) Leave Defaults and click Next >
Note: You can select additional features to enabled if you want to

4) Leave Defaults and click Next >
Note: Select the options based on your production requirements

5) Check I accept these License Terms and Privacy Statement,
click Next >
Note: Software Assurance expiration date can be left blank

6) Click Next >

7) Click Close

Monitoring the upgrade process

1) On ConfigMgr Console, go to Monitoring / Updates and Servicing Status, right-click on the Update Name and select Show Status

2) Click Refresh periodically to view the latest status as it is not updated in real time

3) Alternatively you can monitor the log file %ConfigrInstallDir%\Logs\CMUpdate.log with CMTrace

Once completed you will see There are no pending update package to be processed in the log file

Close the console once the update is completed

Updating the Console Client

1) Launch ConfigMgr Console

2) Click OK

Verifying the update

1) On the console click the down arrow button, select About Configuration Manager

2) The version number should be 2006